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Song Appreciation Day!

If you're wondering what the hell we're on about, this is a project started up by the folks at the Distant Horizons forums--in short:

We decided to have a bit of a celebration today, as it was the first time "Cave of Two Lovers' aired and gave us Song.

So, Song Appreciation day it is, the day where we give credit to one of the most underrated and underappreciated characters in the entire series!

Basically, what we did was come up with a list of prompts, which are here:

second chances
Old faces
Bed rest
Skin deep
Turn Around
Grow Old, Die Young
First, last and in between
I knew you
someone else's wedding
MIA (missing in action)
The Girl From a Far off Memory.
Goodbye May Seem Forever.
The Wind, The Sky, Always.
Unintentionally, miraculously, we cross again.
A More Beautiful Morning Will Come.

For those who don't work so well with prompts, I suggested doing a piece depicting how Song would get along with other members of the cast.

Now for the actual entries we've received so far, here are the drabbles first:


I walk outside and I find him sitting cross-legged on my porch. I can’t help but notice the scar on his face. This I know--he was hurt by the Fire Nation, just as I was. Just as many people have.

“May I join you?” I ask gently. I don’t wait for an answer as I kneel next to him. “I know what you’ve been through,” I continue. “We’ve all been through it.” I gaze at him sympathetically. “The Fire Nation has hurt you.”

I feel a strong impulse to touch his scar, so I try to do so. He grabs hold of my wrist and doesn’t let me touch his scar.

I close my eyes. “It’s okay,” I tell him. “They’ve hurt me too.” I show him the scars on my leg, and he looks at me with shock and...dare I say sympathy?

The Girl From a Far Off Memory

Sometimes, Zuko would find himself thinking about Song. He wasn’t sure why, it just happened.

He would think about when Song saved his uncle’s life, when she told him about her past, and when she showed him the scars on her leg.

Considering that it had been months since he last saw her, Zuko couldn’t understand why Song was invading his thoughts now.

A crazier thought came to Zuko head--did he really care as to why?

(a.k.a. muggleish)
Hope and Gratitude

War was a seething, burning, and gnawing feeling in the pit of his gut. It is what seeped its way into his mind and filled it with poison.
It was why his bones ached and flesh crawled.

War was why he was lost.

Hope is comfort, soft, and a feeling of anew in him. It is what fills his whole-self and leaves a since of balance.
It is why there is harmony in his sprint.

Hope is why he has found his way.

Zuko pauses and thinks. A girl from a far off memory returns.

She was why he began to hope. He was truly grateful to her.

We do have one fic entry from elcucuyfeo so far, which can be found here

For the fanart entries (WIP allowed):

Otherwise known as avi_via_vai

"Why do you trust him so much? Hasn't he hurt you too?" asked the waterbender, trying so hard to understand the healer.

Song turned to her with an air of an older sister, smiling patiently.

"I believe everyone deserves a second chance. Could you imagine what life would be like if you were never allowed to change your mind and fix a mistake?"

Katara's gaze shifted to the side guiltily--she understood...she just didn't think it applied to him.

"Besides,' Song continued,'doesn't he remind you of a wolfotter pup when he thinks he messed up big, when it's really a minor ordeal? It's really quite adorable."

Katara didn't agree on the adorable part, but she couldn't help giggling with the older girl.

That's all for now---but I will update more when/if more entries come along. I think I'll keep this on for a week or two. We didn't open this up outside of DH mostly because we weren't sure others would participate, but if anyone else is indeed interested:

-Email me at inuyatta@gmail.com
-Send me your contribution, or a link to it along with your internet-handle (LJ names preferred, but names with links to your websites would be fine too)
- Title the email with the prompt you're using, or the characters included. I'll probably find a prompt for it.

Forgive me for the sloppiness of this, but it was kinda...well, I've never done anything like this before. I just got excited when I found out people were interested enough to do this, so I kinda just went at it by ear.

Suggestions and whatnot would be great.

Soon to come, a soko100 community!
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