August 29th, 2006

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Art dump you really call it an art dump if there are only two pieces?

Eh, well, here:

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I intend to post a third SoKo fanart sometime after Labor Day Weekend. Wish me luck and constructive criticism is always appreciated. I haven't drawn in over a year before this, so I'm definitely out of practice. I'll keep trying. ^^
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A quick, darker look at another possibility with Zusong. Semi-AU...I like to think of it as what would happen if the Fire Nation won the war, and Zuko was forced to stay as the Blue Spirit.

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Hi! I have fanfiction to give. Sorry if you have read my drabbles before. >.< I will get around to writing a chaptered fanfiction qutie soon. These two drabbles feature Song and my OC Min who is Song's good friend.
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