January 10th, 2011

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Hello, everybody!

Welcome to the new Zuko/Song community!

I am your new maintainer, dark_puck . My co-maintainers are somniumweb and avi_via_vai , as they were the first to volunteer.

Due to our previous maintainer disappearing on us and an influx of spam, I've currently placed the community on moderated posting. Anonymous posting is still allowed; however any anonymice will face a Captcha and will have their IPs logged. This is more to cut down on spam than it is to cut down on trolling.

With new maintainers come new rules, but don't worry -- I am a benevolent tyrant.
  1. This is first and foremost a community celebrating Zuko/Song. Therefore, all posts (save for mod posts) must pertain to the pairing in some way. All fic must have Zuko/Song as the primary pairing -- which is not to say other couples aren't welcome. However, the focus must be Zuko/Song.
  2. While this is a comm for the romantic Zuko/Song pairing, if you have Zuko 'n' Song friendship fic, feel free to post it as well! Just be sure that the primary focus is on the two of them.
  3. Please respect your fellow posters, especially if your non-Zuko/Song ships clash. I will not tolerate any ship wars or character bashing, especially of alternate romantic interests. (Mai, Katara, Jin, Haru, etc.)
  4. Fic and art of all ratings is permitted. However, I ask that all NC-17/X material be warned for, since there are likely minors among us. That being said, I will not police your language. I am not your mother. Just keep in mind that using "fuck" every other word only makes you look like an idiot.
  5. All fanart, fanfic, fanvids, fanmixes, and icon posts must be behind an lj-cut. Teaser images must be either 200x300 or 300x200; Icon teasers may consist of no more than four.
  6. If any spam manages to get through, please contact me or one of the other maintainers.  We will take care of it as soon as possible.
I am instituting a 3-strikes policy. First offence gets a warning; second gets a temporary ban or a week or two; third earns you a permanent banhammer. However, as this is a low-key community, I don't expect to give out any warnings.