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Soko Haikus

Here is a compiled list of lovely Soko Haikus that various Authors have written on the Distant Horizon Forums.  If I have missed one from anyone or you have one to add to the list just comment on this entry or PM at the forums.  I will be happy to add to the list.  The Haikus are copyrighted to thier Authors.  Zoku/Song copyrighted to Nick.

By sapphirestar:

She does not know him
But her love will never die
She'll see him again.

My grief-stricken heart
It cries for you to return
If only for once.

Her words were sincere
Yet still I fled from her grace
Now I need it most.

They had parted ways
In a firefly farewell
That yet sparked a flame.

At night she searches
For a sign of his return
She patiently waits.

His eyes were pure gold
Her eyes were warm chocolate
And he quite liked sweets.

She comforted him
And brought him a sense of peace
That he thought was lost.

He saw a failure
When he looked at his scarred face
She saw a fighter.

Do not give up hope
Song will return in good time
And kick Zuko's butt.

He sees fireflies
They bring light to his dark world
And he thinks of her.

The heat in them rose
As their lips crashed together
Both at last as one.

She understood him
Like no one else ever could
He will return soon.

She was beautiful
Her words struck in him a change
That he won't forget.

She accepted him
She saw through his cold façade
And found a deep hurt.

Soko Love is pure
Never waning and endures
Long after they part.

Song and Zuko are
A beautiful tragedy
That is remembered.

By gambitia:

For Song and Zuko,
Love is brightest in the dark
(with some fireflies)

By krystal:

Dancing in the night,
My heart weeps for your return
As fireflies burn.

Song to Zuko
I long to see you
To tell you my secret dreams
Still I am waiting

Fires burn my eyes
And my tears have all run dry
Still I think of you

Zuko to Song
Distant days pass by
These feelings still won't leave me
I long to return

Not ever alone
Fireflies dance while I sleep
Remembering you

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